FA102 / HD102 Latch

  • For large top hung vents the friction arm can be used as an extra support by fitting it below the existing friction stay. It has the effect of limiting the opening as well as adding greater stability to the window.
  • The FA102 / HD102 latch mechanism is released using a suitable spanner allowing the vent to rotate to its full opening potential, facillitating the cleaning of the exterior glass from inside the property, before being re-engaged to retain the restricted opening.
  • To release the FA102 / HD102 latch, use a suitable spanner, rotate the latch upwards by 90 degrees and lift the restrictor arm over the retaining rivet.
  • To re-engage the FA102 / HD102 latch, replace the restrictor arm over the retaining rivet, rotate the latch back 90 degrees and ensure the latch securely engages the retaining rivet.