Heavy Duty Self-Balancing Stay

Heavy-duty self-balancing handed friction stay for enhanced performance with top hung timber, Upvc and large section aluminium.

  • Carries commercial vents up to 2.0m height and 100kg in weight.
  • Easy to fit with adjustable friction mechanism.
  • Smooth and balanced operation for life – windows open and close with ease.
  • Effective weather sealing and draught proofing fully concealed once fitted.
  • Manufactured from high-grade Austenitic stainless steel for maximum longevity, even in the most corrosive environments.
  • Austenitic stainless steel cap for added strength.
  • Self balancing stay eliminates the need for additional support arms.
  • Composite steel / plastic slider for strength, durability and smooth operation.
  • The HD26 has been proven to a lifetime 50,000 cycles.
  • The HD26 conforms to all leading international window performance standards in the UK (BS6375 Part 2), North America (AAMA 904.1), France (NFP-20-302) and Singapore (SS 212).