North Korea tension mounts

SK Leader's View

In a new monthly blog – Life of Brian – Cotswold’s Design Manager Brian Bunn discusses key product solutions he has delivered for companies around the world. This month Brian was in South Korea.

Things are certainly hotting up in the Korean peninsula – if you thought Kim Jong IL was slightly unhinged then North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong-un has taken things to a new level.

He is apparently ‘burning with hatred’ after the US deployed stealth bombers in retaliation to his country’s recent chest puffing over building nuclear reactors and provoking South Korea.

It’s a long story. But South Korea couldn’t be further away from North Korea (despite being neighbours), with its high-tech economy and high-standard of living.

The news regarding Korea is slightly unsettling as we do a lot of business in the South. And we are currently engaged in a major project with a company there called Siegenia Aubi.

Siegenia Aubi is a major manufacturer and supplier of window and door hardware and we have been commissioned to develop three products for them.

They approached us after coming across a similar product elsewhere. From design to manufacture we are producing heavy duty friction stays for commercial application – which have the excitingly named working titles – HD16LT, PAR21/3 and HD16PSH.

We met with the Director, Mr Insoo Mo, at an exhibition in Munich in January and he was clearly impressed with our reputation for delivering global hardware solutions for major commercial applications.

I like South Korea as a place to do business. It’s fast moving; plugged into the future and offers some fantastic architecture.

We’ve been involved in lots of projects there. One of the most recent was in Seoul – which is one of the most densely populated cities on the planet.

We supplied heavy duty friction stays from our HD22R and HD1-12 range in to 797mm by 1170mm top-hung windows, for a skyscraper incorporating apartments and offices called SK Leader’s view.

A spokesperson for Locus Holdings, who were the architects and developers of the office complex, said that we won the contract due to our reputation for quality and service.

The majority of international commentators say that North Korea’s grandstanding won’t amount to much and it is unlikely they would ever wage war.

But we’re keeping a close eye on events in this part of the world and it was a little concerning to be in South Korea when North Korea was throwing its weight around.

But like people do, everybody there just got on with life – probably because they’ve heard it all before from their mad neighbours.