Hardware supplier noticing aluminium shift

A leading hardware supplier is noticing more and more aluminium fabricators using heavier duty and more robust hardware.

Running simultaneously to the buoyant aluminium market, Cotswold Architectural Products’ Managing Director Iain Morgan says that they are seeing increasing demand for such products.

“Demand for our heavy duty range of hardware is definitely increasing amongst aluminium fabricators and is a trend reflected across the whole industry.

We believe it’s because of the rise in high-end domestic aluminium projects that require the most robust hardware that is more hardwearing, looks top-end and has a long lifespan.

“Our extreme range is being incorporated into more and more domestic applications where standard weights and sizes won’t suffice. And of course commercial projects both in the UK and abroad require such hardware.

“In terms of this increased demand, it’s a relatively recent shift that is running parallel to an aluminium sector that is seeing more and more companies diversifying into it; and taking advantage of lucrative growth opportunities such as the bi-folding door boom, and to a lesser extent triple glazing.”

Cotswold recently exhibited at the FIT Show in Telford where it’s most recently designed heavy duty hardware was launched – called Validus +.

It is set to be the biggest friction stay on the market and is 32” long and capable of supporting a window that is 2.5 metres high and 250kgs in weight.

In June Cotswold is also attending Architects Malaysia 2013, an international exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which will see the world’s top architectural and glazing companies come together to find out more about the latest product innovations.

Cotswold’s Business Development Manager Alan Hartley will be attending together with the company’s Malaysian distributor Sri Ribuan.

One of Cotswold Architectural Product’s customers illustrating the trend is Complete Window and Door Ltd (CWD Ltd).

According to Its Director Ian Hammond, they have been buying in more and more of Cotswold extreme range to service demand.

He comments: “We buy in hardware from Cotswold depending on requirement and lately it’s mostly been the extreme range, for use in high-end domestic and commercial aluminium projects.

“Aluminium is certainly no longer the reserve of the commercial market and its application requires the very best and innovative hardware, especially with high-end projects.”

CWD Ltd is a specialist aluminium fabricator and its most recent project incorporating Cotswold hardware was Coleshill School in Birmingham, where a quarter of a million pounds worth of Genesis and SAPA windows were installed.