Amanta Lumpini and Sukhothai Residences

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Product: Support arms and Fortis Heavy Duty Stays
Client: VBH Thailand

Amanta Lumpini is a sky-scraping 61-storey condominium featuring 0.7m x1.8m aluminium windows weighing up to 40kg that will provide residents with panoramic views over Bangkok.  VBH recommended Cotswold’s recently launched Telescopic Arm, which safely limits the opening of large, heavy top hung windows in one position. A total of 1,200 pairs of 8 inch support arms have been supplied for the project, which is scheduled for completion this year.

The Sukhothai Residences is another new multi-storey condominium currently under construction in the Thai capital. The luxury apartments and penthouses also benefit from large aluminium windows in both top and side hung styles, ranging in size from just under 1 metre square to 0.95m x 2.35m. With some of the larger windows weighing up to 53kgs, Cotswold’s Heavy Duty Restricted Stays have been specified in 10 inch and 16 inch sizes to ensure reliable and balanced operation. Manufactured from high grade austenitic stainless steel, HD stays deliver strength, durability and consistent performance.