Idaman Residence

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Product: Sinidex Extreme Stays
Client: Sri Ribuan

Cotswold’s Extreme friction stay has provided a unique solution to the ‘extreme’ specification of Idaman Residence, a new luxury condominium in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Weighing in at around 25kg, the development’s large 750mm x 1,350mm aluminium casement windows demanded the strength and reliability that only Cotswold’s Extreme hinge could deliver. Over 3,000 pairs of HS90 Extreme 12 inch stays were supplied for the apartments’ side hung windows by Cotswold’s local distributor, together with 1,550 pairs of Cotswold 8 and 10 inch standard HS hinges for the top hung vents.

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle, Idaman Residence combines resort living with the exciting pulse of a vibrant city. The 34-storey building has been designed and built to the highest architectural standards, including an extensive glazed façade that allows light and air to flow through the 250 apartments.

Cotswold’s HS90 Extreme Stay satisfied the project’s performance specification and the owner’s request for proven reliability backed by a 10-year warranty. The 12 inch HS90 Extreme hinge specified for side hung windows at Idaman Residence enables smooth and reliable 90 degree opening of windows up to 750mm wide and 30 kg in weight.

The Extreme stay is strengthened by the replacement of two standard duty link arms with two heavy duty arms. The range is available in a 12 or 16 inch version with a 90 degree opening and 12 or 16 inch Egress Easi-Clean options, featuring a simple mechanism to enable cleaning from the inside. The Extreme hinge is compatible with all the major profile types and is manufactured in low stack (13mm) and high stack (16/17mm) versions.

The Extreme range has been developed by Cotswold in response to demand for high quality hardware for the increasingly popular larger window styles and heavy triple glazed units. The range can accommodate standard eurogroove side hung or egress casements up to 35 kg in weight, and so provides the market with a cost-effective alternative to fitting tilt and turn or reversible windows.