Parallel Stay Ultra

Cotswold Ultra Parallel Opening Hinge for commercial applications. Parallel opening windows provide ultimate natural ventilation by allowing a balanced air flow around the entire opening.

  • Can be connected to a building management system as part of an automated solution for climate control.
  • Can be operated manually or using electric actuators.
  • Sash adjustment feature for use with heavier vents.
  • The Cotswold Parallel stay closes inline which allows for greater choice in profile selection.
  • Hinge mechanism is fully concealed when the sash is closed.
  • Adjustable friction mechanism for controlling manually operated sashes.
  • Tested to operate for 10,000 cycles.
  • Manufactured from high grade Austenitic stainless steel for maximum performance even in the most corrosive environment.

Full technical and sales support to cover consultancy per project basis & on-site advice when necessary.